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EA Made Changes - No notes??

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Game is playing even worse than ever. Oh and they removed timeouts from EASHL 3's. They do a roster update and change the game up. My ping has never been higher than 8 and all of a sudden it's 39 tonight.

Wonder what else they changed?? Sneak ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️'s


  • they did? i saw the roster change but i was not sure..

    i notice my one timer with reversed shot working less well.. i was kinda abuse it , i got no prob with that anyway..

    the shot on glove from right side seems to working less too.
  • Yep, there are no timeouts anymore in EASHL 3's. I don't know about 6's. My intros and replays last night were sooooo laggy, they were legit moving frame by frame.goal

    For example: We had a goal review....my game never even got to the cut scene with the ref, it was still showing the "no goal".......

    but here's another thing...the ref REVERSED the call. He called it a good goal. I've never seen that in NHL 18. So that's another new thing.

    EA can say what they want but they def sneak changes into roster updates. The game was just playing awful last night. Passes were so errant.
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