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Overall review(offline franchise mode)

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edited November 2017
Alright i have been playing with this game since the day 1 launch...here my review

i went from ps3 nhl legacy ...to ps4 nhl 18
i thought i would been blown away ...but not really ...
this game has lot of potential but the lack of polished is obvious ...here why

1- Players rating +player style...i passed the last month or so redoing the whole EA roster
creating and adjusting the whole league ..rating and potential.
and one thing i notice is a lots of player are build exactly the same way (same shooting rating
..checking.etc ...some player dont have the right height and weight and so on)
why so many players are the same ?
Player style ...i haven t notice any difference between checker ..sniper etc for they are all the same
at least Ea should make a bigger difference between players ...
way to many players have a 80 +shooting accuracy ..in real life each NHL team may have 6 to 10 good
player ..the rest are plugger ...but in NHL18 ..the difference between 1st liners and 4th liners
shouls be way bigger (not nintendo ice hockey big but at least make it feel more real).

2- Slider setting ... This is crazy i like the fact that EA gave us access to the whole sliders ..but holy c...
it took me at least a good month to make this game fun and real ..
the pre set setting are so far off ..you have to be a bit crazy like me to go through the 1000 test
to make this game enjoyable ..it is a good game but it take so many hours ..it s ridiculous!

3- Polishing the product ..here a few dumb mistake still not fix
1- Belleville senators are call Belleville bulls ...c mon EA that is an easy fix!!!
2- D-man get tired way to fast compare to foward ..
3-penalty call between the cpu and human are still off ...
4-difficulty ...one thing i notice with this game you have to play on pro level
and then adjust the cpu difficulty to your liking ..if you play on all star the cheating by the cpu
is so obvious it s just stupid (the bouncing puck always on the cpu stick ..the human goalie is so
bad..every cpu player shoot like Ovie....etc)
so if i have one advise play on pro then play with the sliders...
5-contract extension are still not right ...74 ovr players asking for 3.5 millions or 84 ovr players asking for
9 millions dollars contract ..after playing a couple years in franchise the whole league go upside down
6-the skating should be smoother ...a la fifa

so this is my review it s a good game ...but to make this game fun it take a WHOLE lot of patience
i still believe in the EA Vancouver team to fix this years game

for me this game is a 7/10

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