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Dump ins and moving puck up boards.

Any advice on dumping in the puck before the blue line? Also is there a way to go high off the glass exiting the D-zone without delaying game or icing? Like is there a way to measure the strength of the chip out of the zone, or is it just a roll of the dice how much power will be on it?

I feel like this is another patch EA needs to make, but maybe it’s just me and I’m missing something.......I don’t recall any tutorials on this subject ever so I’m assuming this is just another lapse in EA’s knowledge of the sport of ice hockey.

Anyways, anytime I try to dump the puck in my player either hurls it over the opposing team’s high glass, or my guy wiffs on the puck completely. Sometimes he will turn backwards for no reason at all and shoot the puck straight backwards or into the bench. One of these scenarios happens every time I try to do a simple dump in after passing the redline or at the opposing blue line. Is there an easy method of doing this peewee task, or is this going to be a constant struggle to do the one thing that anyone should be able to do........?


  • I find the most effective and penalty proof dump in is a hard wrap around using the manual saucer pass just as you get into the zone. Now theoretically since you are in the zone its not a great dump-in on a team that sets up 4 to hold the blue line but I find generally you can make it in a bit before 2 of them step up. This also works to bait the other team in which should open the weak side winger for puck retrieval.

    The four corners hard around works well and often opens up the slot.

    As for the lob cross dump is great for puck retrieval but I too often have problems getting it where I want and do take the odd penalty.
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