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[PS4] Forward/Defenseman looking for active club

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edited November 2017
Used to play goalie but my last club just made me a terrible goalie.

I would like to play forward for 3s. I'm a bit of a puck hog and my defense could use some work, but im fixing it. However, I believe I make up for it because with my old club, I was averaging 6 points a game with 4.7 goals per game, for complete stats I had around 87G/52A/139P in 25 games played.

I would like to play defenseman in 6s. I can't really control the ice like in 3s, plus I find defense more enjoyable when Im not stopping 2 on 1s constantly. I like to take a more relaxed role on the team in 6s, and it would be enjoyable if I had a consistent D partner to play with and create good chemistry.

Also, in a pinch or emergency situations I would be willing to take net as I have that experience

PSN is SGDragonSlayerYT, on pretty much daily, so hmu
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