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Lack of useful RD

Im finding it hard to find a good affordable right defensemen. My best right now is legend boyle, halloween buff, and subban. Ive tright teppo num, hes to slow. Karleson and doughty are **** checkers and burns evolution is ridiculously expensive. Anyone using rob blake or kevin hatcher or macinnis?


  • I have Blake and 88 MacInnis. Works perfectly in my team and tactics. Hatcher i had but he was average.
  • 88 Scheifele is great at RD :blush:
  • Macinnis has an amazing shot
  • Mcinnis is good value, not as slow as in 17 and a wicked shot.
    Totw Pietrangelo is also a really good RD
  • Just an optional idea...legend Numminen is not the fastest but an efficient RD defender. A 91 overall for about 60k is an excellent price-ratio.

    So he costs only about 20% of EVO Burns but offers more reliability with the current ratings and causes far less penalties. This observation bases on my own experience cause I played both for more than a month. I only sold Numminen because I replaced him with EVO Karlsson, who seems to be the god of RD defenders.

  • Yeah I pulled numminen in my CS reward packs and he is decent. MacInnis is better tho
  • Why Burns Evo? The only upgrade he will probably get is a milestone-card. 1000 SOG wirhout scoring...

    I use his 89 MS-Card. Yoz can buy it for 60k.
  • How can you tell the difference in gameplay between the players? Love to see video evidence that supports your claim.
  • I like the 90 Boyle,and the 90 Murphy .
    I tryed most others except Blake ,may try him next.
  • I started using macinnis, will all of his shnergies active the guy is a beast, a solid second defensive pairing.
  • On a seperate note im gona try shane doans hero card on defense, the stats are great for a defensemen
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