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Be A Pro mode playoff GLITCH! Unable to proceed to 2nd round

This is very disappointing!! After weeks of grinding out my Be A Pro mode player in the OHL, the system is not allowing me to proceed into the later rounds of the Memorial Cup, and HOPEFULLY improving my NHL Entry Draft position. Here is my playoff bracket view, showing all rounds completed 1st round, ready to proceed to second round. The Hockey Analyst tweet in my Activity Feed - Message Center confirms my successful progression:
Next here is my calendar view, April is totally empty, but should be reflecting at least the 2nd round schedule:
Finally, this is my main view, showing that my only available option is to sim to the draft. This sucks, because I could have possibly gained a few more draft positions, had I had a good run at the Memorial Cup (sorry, annotation on photo incorrectly references Calder Cup (AHL)...oops).
Can someone please suggest if there is a work around to this? I have a few backups that I can re-play in advance of this point. But I don't want to waste my time if there is no fix. I already reloaded one of my backups, and re-played the first round, with the same result. Has anyone else experienced this?
I realize this is only my first season minor league playoff round, so I can deal with it (maybe my draft status wont be impacted if none of the other OHL players are playing games either), but this cannot happen down the road, when in NHL mode pursuing the Stanley Cup.
Thanks in advance for any help.
PS: I can post the links to the full images, if that would help EA Tech Support team communicate the issue internally. There has to be a bug fix for this. Hard to believe that after so many years this is STILL a problem. I recall almost the exact same thing happening in like NHL 10 or something....the last time I purchased an EA Hockey game. There, the season crashed on my Be A Pro mode, halfway through my 1st season with Edmonton farm team and the Oilers. I got frustrated with the experience, and never played again until now.


  • Bumping.....does anyone from EA actually read these posts? Any advice on how to escalate? I guess I will just move on to the draft......but I really think EA needs to address this, as it is clearly a bug.
  • Same problem here. Won the first round with a sweep and the game simulates all the games and I'm not able to play the games. The stats show that my player was involved in 18 games, but I didn't receive any exp for the simmed games.

    This thing is seriously pathetic. I can learn to play through all the glitches, even though it is a pathetic game with no fun, but not being able to play all the playoff series is just unimaginable unprofessionalism from EA. Did anybody test the game before the release or is EA only interested in scamming people? SCAM I say, this game is a SCAM!
    Good luck to everybody wasting their money on different card packs, since they won't have any use next year.
  • Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm facing the exact same problem right now
  • Hey so I had the same problem with the Stanley Cup finals. But I figured it out all you need to do is when the option comes on the hub and says sim to next season, hit it and hit stop simming then it will stop a day or two before the next round starts. Hope it helps and this happened to me in NHL 19 so I hope it helps.
  • Chadjokeing is the mvp worked for me
  • yep, happened to me. after each playoff round you need to Stop Simulation and then go to the calander and go day by day until the new round starts. i was able to save my playoffs by exiting without saving and was able to play out the 4 rounds of playoffs....until i lost a fight and was out of action for 3 weeks and we lost 3 games in the Memorial Tourney.

    i start my Be a Pro as a 16 yo in the WHL and in November of my 2nd year. earned the captain C and leading the WHL in goals, points, PMs and hits to name a few.
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    Just had the same problem today. So probably fair to say any update the game had between your guys posts and today hasn't addressed the issue... I normally leave be a pro for last when I play nhl this is frankly making me think twice about buying another nhl game.
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