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Heroes sets

Are these even worth completing?? I’ve added every player, jersey, logo and arena to every team but the collectibles required are a joke. 300k + worth of collectibles o unlock 90 rated players. Seems pointless.


  • At this stage, probably not. You could turn profit if you did 15 earlier in the year. Although it’s possible there will be sets for unused master collectibles in the future
  • Completed the flames set for Macinnis. Apart from that I don’t see the point in the rest.
  • I may try and do a couple this weekend. Pick up a couple golds when they come down in price
  • You can thank the losers who made it a money business selling coins. Can't transfer coins, basic collectibles are only in packs and certain hut challenges. That's the reason why heros are now garbage. The HUT market is for nothing, can't sell many of my cards unless they are 88 or above. Sad, thanks losers.
  • Hero's were cheap last year too. Maybe next month they'll give us a set where we can make golds. Last year they did a bunch of sets for Christmas. Maybe they'll add that
  • Yeah I figured around 600k to do jagr. But that was a while ago
  • Yeah I figured around 600k to do jagr. But that was a while ago

    600K for 99Jagr would have been a steal... could have easily sold for 1.5
  • I was going to try it but I'm saving coins for evo Kane. Picked up evo price before the shut out. Hoping to cash in on my 100 flash forward collectables this weekend
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