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List of BIG problems

-players cant get control to the puck
-game slowers your players in harder games

-In faceoffs players too many times freeze and dont move or dont take the puck when its is available to take
-too much syryp in skating even the connection is good
-goalies freeze too much and dont see the puck front of them even there are no opponent players
-changing player is horror. Sometimes it just dont change player

-there are no real time tactics change in hybrid. There is no control lay out that would be reason

My opinion is that this year version is much worse than 17 was
It is okay that they make some changes to how play is going. A bit slower and some extra actions to controls.
But AI is much worse than it was and these bugs ruins too much games.


  • The AI's are completely clueless unless its the hut challenges, computer AI's are god in All Star/Superstar levels.
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