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Roster solution

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edited December 2017
Here is a quick idea on an easy fix for roster updates. In madden they have cpu generated profile pics for players. Why can’t they have the same for those players without profile Pictures in nhl? It would be similar to our players in Be a Pro. With over 200 heads and 70 hairstyles it can generated over 14,000 unique profiles. This isn’t including hair color, facial hair, eyebrows and such giving us endless possibilities. This would be a huge upgrade to the rosters.

The other fix is allowing us to edit the players size since many are far off. We were allowed to do this a few years ago.

Doing these two things I’m sure EA would get a lot less criticism over their rosters and you would have a happier fan base.


  • This is a very good idea. Use this EA devs. All real players with real pics and the fantasy players with creator. Also an idea to implent an editor which let us add and change photos by ourself.
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