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X-Mas Gift of Giving !

Christmas again! Last year it was pretty cool. I think the lights are back, so good stuff down the line I would believe. What do you think about it so far this year?


  • I have a question, not sure if this was answered already. Maybe I missed this info on the official twitter post. But I don't get it.

    Where do you get the collectibles for the 6 players? the collectible you get for winning the game can't be used for those players, seems to be a different collectible.

    I did not do the sets last year so I'm a bit lost with this and the Christmas light event. Are they 2 different things?

    Apparently we might need to complete sets to get these. If you need to do sets, will it count with any type of set? which one would be the easiest to complete to get those collectibles?
  • I would believe the collectibles are given in competitive seasons and other events as usual, as well as buyable on the market. The Lights are simple. Its an excuse to give us stuff, but the more the Community is involved, therefore the more we Light Up Lights, the more well get. I'd believe that lighting up one light only would qualify you get the gifts at the end. To know how to light up : www.easports.com/nhl/hockey-ultimate-team/news/2017/hut-gift-of-giving?utm_campaign=nhl18_hd_ww_ic_soco_yt_nhl18-hutchristmas-yt-011217&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&cid=43108&ts=1512176214248 I hope I'm answering some of your questions.
  • Thanks, actually it answered the lights question pretty well. The part not so clear is how to get the collectibles, I don't play online nor buy packs, does that mean I won't be able to get any of these? It would have been nice from EA to give exactly how to obtain the collectibles point by point.

    I saw so many cards on sale at the AH I was like how the hell all those people got so many cards already and I can't figure out how to get one without spending 10k to buy it from others. Also I thought some people might have gotten it opening their daily gift but so far I've only seen ppl talk about the infamous shirt and the 3 gold contracts.
  • Lol yes. Community is very fast. I'm always amazed how quick things get on the market. Wait a few days, prices should settle a bit.
  • more like the gift if taking lol
  • Lowernu82 wrote: »
    more like the gift if taking lol

    Hahahahha there's that also :D
  • Oh they added a challenge to win that collectible man.
  • How the hell did so many people complete the Christmas Burns set in less than 2 days? Even if they chose to spend their life savings you can only buy so many packs in one day
  • 2 days you can do it in a few min
  • How can you obtain all the collectibles in 2 days or 2 min? Many of them are selling for 20,000 each the lesser ones 4000. The Burns card only sells for about 330,000 so it’s nit cost effective to buy the collectibles. Seems unlikely yet it has happened
  • It always happens fast.
  • Would be great if someone could tell us exactly how do you get those cards (reindear, santa, tree). are they only in packs you need to buy? i did 2 challenges so far and got contracts and the Christmas shirt, on the second day I got a silver jersey???

    How the hell so many people got them to sell them overpriced? did they all bought packs?
  • They're all in packs or the challenges. It's the same as all the other collectables.
  • Hold off on buying them right now. The best time to buy is after a round in the new season. Thousands of folks opening packs.
  • I was picking them up for 7k and yea the packs were stacked with them as well
  • So I guess i was just unlucky doing the daily Christmas challenge? Or are you talking about a different challenge?
  • I'm sure at some point well get collectables in challenges. But looks like your best bet is that 3000 points pack
  • Yea well I thought the whole point of this is a gift for us... looks like it's more about sending them money than anything else lol
  • The gift they give us will be at the end. Beginning of January . Last year we got a lot of great stuff. Yes, they are trying to sell packs. But as I said before, don t buy any collectables now. There will be more available when we get packs from the new season and challenges
  • Thanks for the advice, I think that's exactly what I will do. I was just hoping that they would give us a chance to get a collectible each Saturday for example in a challenge right away.
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