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Goalies in HUT

There might be another thread for this and this might easily get out of hand since everyone hates conceding goals, but does anyone know why so few play with Legend goalies in HUT?

In almost every 1st div game I play, I'm facing Price, Rinne or a "base card" goalie. Very rarely face the 93 overall Brodeure who is surprisingly cheap even with good synergies.

Is there something the bigger audience knows that I don't or why don't people with super stacked teams play with the best (at least overall and size wise) goalie available?

I understand EVO's are a big thing and the goalies there are slowly improving, but why play with them now when they're still not as good stat wise as some other goalies? Is Rinne and Price better than Brodeur?


  • I saw this a lot on 17, and a little bit this year. It has to do with getting back some of the ice tilt when you have a stacked team. I have even seen some guys use silver goalies with a stacked team. All of a sudden that silver goalie is unbeatable.
  • I love when the team I'm playing is using a silver goalie
  • Not sure if it’s the reason or not, but one thing I did notice with high end current goalies when compared to legends is the Rebound Control stat.... with the exception of Brodeur, the Legend and HutHero goalies lack RBC when stacked up to similarly rated “current” goalies.
    My skill set lacks most at point coverage when I’m on the defensive, so I tend to consider this stat paramount when hunting for a goalie. But I do agree seeing Price far more frequently then any other goalie.
  • Thanks for the replies. In depth stats could be the thing, but still don't understand the lack of Brodeurs. Someone said they felt bigger goalies played better as well.
  • I play brodeur a lot. Him and price seem to be the popular goalies for my games. Also see a decent amount of hasek.
  • For some reason when I bought Brodeur,most of my opponents seemed to have him.Didn’t fit for me so I sold him,after that it is been very random goalie to play against,could be coincidence though.
  • I use bishop. The bigger the better
  • im a huge fan of 92 Bob great RBC
  • Bob's solid
  • The 88 Bobrovsky is who I have now.... I was originally looking to replace him with Brodeur, but that 92 Bobsky is looking quite nice, especially at a 40-50k price point.
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