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NHL 18 Update?



  • Notes Posted: https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/146691/nhl-18-patch-tuner-notes-updated-december-7th-2017#latest
    NHL 18 Patch 1.05 - (Available December 7th, 2017)

    4K Game Play:

    Xbox One X enhanced 4K compatability


    Added a new Daily Free pack containing a mix of items which could include contracts, coins, collectibles, club items, or players. This content will be untradable.
    Added a fix for matchmaking in Competitive Seasons

    Game Modes:

    Added Spengler Cup Tournament
    Added a fix where editing an unsigned prospect will cause that player to become a UFA once you start a franchise mode.
    Improved unsigned prospect growth.
    Added a fix where Created players that are put on NHL teams are also duplicated as Free Agents in Franchise Mode.


    Fixed an issue where you couldn’t poke check the puck off the goaltender when they were skating with the puck.
    Updates to line change logic to fix situations where the closest AI skater to the puck would go for a line change rather than pressuring the puck.
    Fixed an issue in Threes where after your opponent misses a penalty shot, the AI teammate started with the puck instead of the user.
    Fixed a penalty shot logic issue where a player tripped on a breakaway after taking a clean shot was still awarded a penalty shot.
    Fixed an issue where the flip puck deke in 94 controls wasn’t always firing properly.
    Fixed an issue where sometimes after performing a body check using B/O on Hybrid controls the skater will lose puck pickup functionality.
    Corrected the faceoff formation player assignment in the defensive neutral zone formation when using aggressive face off strategy.
    Fixed a desync that would sometimes occur when starting a fight.
    Fixed the issue where skating backwards and doing the puck flip would send the puck high in the air
    Fixed some issues where players weren’t attempting one timers as expected.
    Fixed an issue where players were able to enter Defensive Skill Stick state during face offs, disrupting the expected outcomes of the face offs.
    Various gameplay and broadcast camera fixes causing issues in game play.


    The following content has been added and updated in EA SPORTS NHL 18:

    Added Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Arenas Uniforms
    Canadian Hockey League (CHL):
    Added Red Deer Rebels alternate Uniform
    Added Regina Pats alternate Uniform
    Added Brian’s Optik Goalie Pads
    NHL Arenas:
    Added new St. Louis Blues Scoreboard
    All Canadian Hockey League Teams now wear CCM Ultra Tacks gloves

    Too bad they cant even get all the patch notes right though i mean im glad they fixed multiple issues in franchise like the division realignment bug the all american draft bug the calander freeze but no mention of them in the patch notes had to sim 3 seasons jus to see if they fixed some of em
  • No word if they fix belleville ahl team name ....they were call bulls instead of senators

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    I've removed some comments from this topic as they're derailing the conversation from the original topic which is in regards to the patch notes. If you want to discuss the loot box/microtransactions feel free to continue the conversation here: https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/176298/does-hut-constitute-gambling#latest

    Keep it on-topic. If someone created a thread, it’s because they’re looking for an answer to their question. Changing the topic of the thread isn’t helpful.

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    In hut I have my d play on the opposite side for one timer purposes. They still line up for a face off in the position I put them in, but now when they enter the offensive zone, the automatically play their natural position.
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  • First game after the patch and it plays like trash. I'd finally got it setup so the AI didn't just get to do whatever it wanted and now it's back. One timers are a joke now, missing empty nets and not even triggering, preferring to kick the puck into an empty net instead of shoot.
  • Thank you Ea for not changing the overpowered pokechecks from behind, it makes it easier to not spend money on hut.
  • You always get at least one player on your team who doesn't even care..plays goalie, gives up 5 goals in the 1st then quits(if the rest of us are lucky) ,,or the defender who loves to carry the puck without so much as thinking of a breakout pass..now youre down 2-7 and the host on your losing team quits..so after you've spent minutes(feels like hours) searching for a game , on a TEAM with people who refuse to play as a team...if "xx" number of players on said team VOTE TO REMOVE THE SELECTED PLAYER, said player is kicked and RECIEVES A LOSS... ..the poke checks are perf. BTW. (Forcing players to keep the stick on the ground, unless they HAVE BUILT A POKE CHECK STAR through progression) - beautiful system.the way it should be.


    Come up with a better way to discern between the two teams.

    Give only one player control of the quick play menu.


    Goalies- try to make the goalies on both teams close in rank/skill level.

    Add the ability to stay/leave the team of players you just ended a game with. It's not fun sifting through the serious guys/gals, adding them as friends, joing a session , then finally only to begin searching for a new game.

    THREES -3's

    Didn't play it, nobody wants to play an arcade sim hockey game is 2018..why put all the man hours in on attributes, visuals, sound etc...just to water it down for arcade? It was a reach, in the wrong direction. Money wasted. Invest those hours on keeping stats and attributes up to date. - take your arcade team and place them in charge of CREATE A PLAY..yea bring THAT back...you'd once again be the only sports game allowing you to do such a thing..building players to fit style of play is great, especially when you get to design the play. ..


    Well..if 3's is the arcade fun version..there needs to be A COUPLE OF RULES... Like, too hitting the person without the puck FREEZE said player on the ice for , idk, 1.5 seconds..a couple rules only to make the players actually play hockey,,, that's what you guys have done all this work for, so that we can play REAL HOCKEY , from our couches. Thank you.


    I consider myself a deke artist and would love to do a stream and EARLY COPY GIVE AWAY whilst teaching people how to play the game on TWITCH...I don't want any money. It's great marketing, and it's free. Let's make it happen

    Happy CHEL'n folks

    - TRIXX614


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