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Really EA you took that away what a joke.


  • People abusing it hardcore, you can’t ban everyone
    I am the consequence of your actions
  • Meh. They're giving us 2 packs instead. I like getting packs
  • It will be 3 contracts a day and a jersey.
  • A pack every 12 hrs. Wonder if they stack? And lol, I got 2 contracts and 100 pucks... far from the 1500 coins I was getting. Gg EA
  • I’ll miss the coins but, at least it’s something.
  • I got 300 coins. They said we can get players.
  • Contract, jersey, and 100 coins. So freakin lame. Just how many nails are you going to put in the coffin that is this game. My guess is that after Disney spanked their bottoms and told them they couldn't sell their garbage packs in Star Wars, EA just decided they'd take it out in us. Message received. Please 2K or 989 studios, if your seeing any of this. Time to make your move. There's blood in the water and it's been there for years
  • WealthyFriends
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    edited December 2017
    FYI I got 300 coins early this AM but then today 12 hours later I got 1250.. maybe it's random and sometimes we will get even more than before (per day)?
  • This is brutal. How do they figure anyone who plays once a day is going to get anywhere off 100 coins a contract and a healing card. Amazing work EA. Forcing players to buy packs. Sad
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    edited December 2017
    Is this permanent then, and not just for Christmas? I guess I won't be bothering with logging in daily and playing a challenge. Why bother? They won't get a cent from me.

    Maybe this is a positive sign in reality? Assuming they're not getting enough money from people buying packs, so they're shutting down sources of coins to force them do so? I really hope sales are going down, perhaps it would force them to actually put some effort in improving the game?
  • I got coach, contract and 1500 coins. But i prefer earlier because i play every day.
    Those who dont play so much this new daily version is better.
  • It seems the maximum is 2000 coins. At least this is the highest reported amount. However, the majority only gets 100-400 coins. So I would guess the new modification will cut the daily coin income by about two third.

    A lot of people (with mutliple and single account) will have huge problems to further participate on the market. We will have to deal with less buyers and less sellers. Some of these poor guys will even have problems to finance the contracts, especially later in the season, when contracts will cost 400k minimum (likely higher.

    I dont think people will buy more packs. I assume a number of people will leave the game soon or later.

    Personally I am still able to built a good time cause I am belonging to the credit card player group but with less market options and paticipating players the game will be more boring. And when people left the game cause they can not afford any ultimate players, gaming in the online divisions will be boring as well. There will be less players and I need longer to get connected and I will likely always play against the same teams cause the HUT unsiverse will be more and more kind of an elite group who can afford packs. The game will loose a lot of variety.

  • Quelle erreur que d’avoir enlevé les points quotidiens et les remplacer par des packs de cartes inutiles non échangeables par surplus!!! Moi, si ca ne reviens pas comme avant, c’est la dernière version de NHL que j’aurai acheté! Forcer les gens a acheté leurs packs pour avoir une équipe descente!!! Moi je n’achète plus de packs! Et message a EA, vos packs quotidiens vous pouvez les garder! J’ai rien a faire avec cela!! Très triste!!
  • All I know is the Star Wars fans were able to make enough noise to shut down the evil machine that is EA. Hopefully the EA sports fans follow. Find myself rooting against EA more and more each day
  • I’ve gotten nothing but untradable contracts which I have more than enough of and 100 coins. Thanks EA for screwing players over by swapping 1500 coins a day after 7 days for a pathetic pack with content that isn’t even worth equal value. Why sell multiple versions of the same game and STILL want players to spend money to compete. Just because you screwed up with battlefield 2 doesn’t mean it needed to be taken out on players of other games. This will be the last year I support this franchise and possibly this company
  • Next update will include option of inserting your credit card number only if you want to play HUT. Otherwise HUT will be inaccessible.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Don't all video games nowadays have season passes, weapons and other things you can buy with real money? If you don t want to spend money, dont.
  • This is probably how they decided to combat users farming the log in bonus on multiple accounts by giving you useless untradable crap instead
  • I fail to see how this destroys the game. You lose out on 1000 coins a day, that's easy to recoup. This game is the easiest game yet to get coins. This game is far from perfect but EA can never actually make a good improvement to the game because everyone wants something different.
  • I fail to see how this destroys the game. You lose out on 1000 coins a day, that's easy to recoup. This game is the easiest game yet to get coins. This game is far from perfect but EA can never actually make a good improvement to the game because everyone wants something different.

    It harms the game maybe not destroys but impacts for sure no one wanted this change the time it took to remove the old system implement the new one plus the brainstorming and discussion time leading up to the change was all time that could have been better spent fixing something that was actually wrong with the game the daily coin has been there since the beginning what like 6 years ago now why change it mid release except to combat farming and benefit themselves just another greedy company putting themselves before the consumer
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