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Good bye NHL serie from EA

I have bee loyal NHL fan since early 90`s i bought every single game every year. But last 4 years have been more dissapointment than happines.
There have been good things that they have made. Differend kind playmodes.
I have played them all. But too much problems.
I think that i dont have to say what is wrong in this franchise.
You can read it in this forum.
I dont feel anymore good feelings that hockey should give.
Too much problem.
Only thing that works is head to head with friends.
And that we can manage with NHL 14,13,15,16,17
So im playing this year version to the end and after that im moving other games and hope that years or three would do something for this.
So thanks to EA that you give us quality hockey but somewhere between times you went badly wrong and you could not handle the problems you created.


  • Good riddance

    Back to NHL 18
  • But you EA know what is best for your income. FIFA, NFL and NBA so do what you want.
    Do what you want to this serie. Same to me. I put my moneys to other games from other companys. You were excellent in 90`s several kind of games.
    Strike serie was best. But you killed that also.
    Sell of copies did not match to your ownerns
    EA, you have killed lot of good things because you are greed.
    Too much daddy pays my playing. Thats your policy...
  • Later gator
  • Im keeping my roster but everything else goes now. Finally and it feels good :)
  • Says he's leaving but he's still here baaaaahahaha
    You must unlearn what you have learned!
  • I am here, thats not the point. Just end playing NHL 18.
    I like this serie but i dont like the game.
    But maby im just the guy that is not needed. Im satisfied to the things are in this franchise?
    Or are you?
  • When you read this, im putting, lets say St.louis, Bossy and others in a price 20-60k
    EVO marchand just sold in price 50k. Have a nice day :)
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