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DISC Issues

I have been disconnecting from EA servers a lot in NHL 18. I have 16 or so DISC losses in 65 games in HUT, I also DISC a lot in EASHL. I have Bell Fibe and my Xbox One S is connected directly to my modem. All ports are open, NAT type is Open. Stats are 50Mbps down, 8Mbps up, 30 or less ms ping and always 0% packet loss. I only have one other device connected to WiFi while I game. I also only encounter issues in NHL18, Other games are fine and Netflix, CraceTV, NHL.TV, etc all work fine.

Can someone help me out here ? It's getting out of hand, today I DISC 3 games in a row in HUT all ones I was leading. I'd also like to say I never experience lag, it goes from smooth gameplay to DISC from EA servers.

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