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HUT app

Has there ever been a phone app for ultimate team?? It worked well in Fifa ultimate team. I work away from home for 4 days at a time and the app would be handy for keeping on top of your team, buying, selling etc etc


  • There was few years ago, probably not going to happen anytime soon
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  • Last time was 2014 but too many aholes were using cheating methods and bots. So they took it down and that was it. Gotta tell you it was awesome. I made crazy coins on AH in the way to work. It was fun.
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  • But how does that work with FIFA then? Boy would that be a nice thing to have
    I am the consequence of your actions
  • It was just the game condensed into an app. You could perform every aspect of ultimate team except obviously playing games.
    Auction house, my team, strategies etc etc. But as per usual, people found a way to cheat it and it got stopped.
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