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Team Advice :P

I'm looking for a solid C probably for use on my 3rd/4th line. Here's what my team looks like right now:-

Legend Bossy- Legend Sittler- Legend St Louis

Ice Ovechkin- Hero Graves- Legend Koivu

Hero Sullivan- Legend Kurri - Legend Sanderson

Legend Mcdonald- BLANK- Ice Hall

Any advice would be appreciated
If you think any other upgrades would be useful, let me know :)

I only have 35k right now


  • I would recommend picking up either LG Messier or FO Toews. Both great cards, but I love Messier's ability to protect the puck and his passing is just awesome.
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  • Sakic and Linden are great centers that would be close to that price range
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  • thanks. I'll have a look at the market tonight and see what i can afford
  • mattborowiec
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    edited December 2017
    I've got linden as my 4th line centre for synergies and face off stats. Im also still using messier. Very good too. They're very solid. Face off toews is very underrated. Great face off stats too.
  • I have faceoff Toews as my 4th line center since I unlocked him. He’s a mainstay on my team. For an 88 card he plays like a high 90s. Great on draws too.
  • LGD Sakic, LGD Messier
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