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3 on 3 goofs

I have yet to find a tandem of players who are capable of cycling even on 3 on 3 when there is so much open ice to maneuver, these goofs still want to sprint in a straight line and go cross crease, or try to skate through all three guys and end up turning it over. Why are people so crappy? And why is it so easy to go backhand and score in 3 on 3’s, noticed it’s much easier than when on a breakaway in regular 6 vs 6....glitch? Protect puck, backhand, forehand, backhand high short side? I never saw this done so much until I started doing a lot of 3 vs 3 play. Anyone have links to some good YouTube videos that break down some of the known glitches so we know what to look for/defend against? Thanks...

Also my gamer tag is TonyZamboni88 add me if you know how to actually play hockey and want to run it...I’m a center and about 98% on face offs, averaging about 3-4 ppg, set up man but can score as much as anyone else I’m just not selfish at all and will look to make the smartest play versus try to hog the stat column. But if all you do is skate in vertical lines and go cross crease you will absolutely hate playing with me cause I will simply push through on the draw and only pass if you are in immediate scoring position...even then I might just say f### you and take it myself cause I refuse to enable you goofs...


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    Drop in or are you having no luck finding a club?
  • I have had quite a few ppl invite me to their clubs but I leave after a week or so cause either they are goofs in some kind of way, usually in the way as I mentioned in the above post, or they are never on. In NHL17 I had a club that was the bomb but they don’t get on as much any more and/or haven’t gotten NHL18 out of spite for EA lol...but if you have a good club of like-minded, intelligent, creative, playmaking types who actually know the sport of hockey in depth than I’d be down to squad up as your trusty centerman, as long as there are no arseholes who will blow my buzz, cause I like to sip and toke a bit here and there and goofy personalities will not gel man...ya know, just trying to find some wicked puck, an not have my eyes permanently rolled into the back of my cranium....ya dig
  • I'm a winger and I've got a good Dman I always play 3's with, we're looking for a consistently good Centre (agreed, you're mostly goofs in OTP), on XBL. Club 3's majority of the time. Gamertag is BeRoose. You must be a capable adult who doesn't rage quit and knows how to play.
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