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This EASHL Club is strictly XBOX ONE ONLY

The ThunderBay OutLaws are currently holding try-outs for all positions. While we are currently pushing more for Defense and Goalie positions, we are not against recruiting forwards. We have a very active club that plays in the EASHL daily; we currently have close to 20 members on our EASHL roster. The only requirements to join this club are that you are 18+ years or older, and act that way in a mature style of play. You must have a mic, and play regularly throughout the week or weekend. We are not looking for somebody to take a spot on our roster who isn’t interested in playing or lack of on a regular basis.
While we are still building and managing our roster, we have plenty of experienced members on our roster who have been playing together for many years as a family. We are just at about 200 games played as a club in the EASHL, and plan on climbing well into the ranks. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in trying out for, please contact one of the following General Managers of our EASHL club that are listed below. We will send you a club invite or you can request one by visiting our website and signing up there. We will get in contact with you as soon as possible regarding your try-out. Thanks for showing interest in our EASHL team and the ThunderBay OutLaws thank you for stopping by, looking forward to seeing you on the ice soon fellow members! Visit our website link listed below and sign up today to become a member of our EASHL club, you can sign up by visiting the “recruitment” section listed on the website.


General Managers – Gamer Tags (XBOX1 ONLY):

[C] WarMachine2006
[A] dREDlockR4ST4
Ronin Rumley
[A] FreneticCow942
[A] BumperBacon
ThunderBay OutLaws / [OWNER] [A. CAPTAIN]
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