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[SUGGESTION] How to implement Custom Rosters in 32-Expansion Mode

As most of you guys up there have maybe noticed, not being able to use custom rosters in Expansion Mode has left a lot of fans frustrated. This is my idea on how to keep authenticity in the game, while still being able to add in the feature.

Simply put, make the franchise start at the end of the 2018, instead of the 2017 season. This will allow players to start their expansion draft with their custom, updated rosters; and since the AI automatically makes their own protection lists for 32 team mode anyway, the AI can just do that when the time comes.

Yes, while it would take a while to simulate through an entire season (And 2017 draft) so you can start the mode for the 2018-19 season, it would only add a few minutes onto the startup time anyway, as you don't have to worry about any notifications. Or, maybe there's a workaround that could be figured out where the game just loads up an already completed 2017-18 season so that you don't have to go through an entire year of simming (similar to how the 31-team expansion mode brings you to the 2016-17 draft).

I know that this idea most likely won't get seen by anyone who'd be pertinent in actually putting this feature into the game, but at least the ideas out there. I hope that this kind of feature gets brought into the game, as I think it's pretty important to have this kind of customizability across all game modes.


  • I support this with all my heart and I get angry every time I switch on the game that this option is not possible...
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