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Some WJC nostalgia

Last year, the launch of those icy hot young WJC cards made my year in part. Lacking on character, but fast and exciting, good synergies and affordable. I kept some of them for a long time ! Merry X-Mas Everyone !


  • Well... I think they announced them 10 minutes after this post !! Loll Enjoy.
  • I've always liked those cards. They were loaded with offense
  • Exactly :) fast !! Their synergies connected and all... Since last year was my first HUT year, and started it in november loll it was a blessing ! I used a lot of them and became dangerous at that point.
  • The current cards are the same too. Hard shots. Fast. Horrible hands and accuracy
  • PadrinoVI
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    edited December 2017
    Ok ! Can't wait to discover them :-) even if i'm 90 minimum at each position at this point this year loll

    Edit: not true I forgot about my Barré-Boulet I was using to connect synergies ! He now became Marian Studenic ! Lol and I finally got a backup goalie with Filip Gustavsson.
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