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EASHL Ice Tilt?

I've been repeatedly told there is no such thing as "ice tilt" and that any losses that come my teams way are just a result of us sucking... Somethings not right because we definitely don't deserve a lot of the suspicious nonsense going on.

Sure, goalies can let in some major boners and make some spectacular saves sometimes, but what seems like every other game? I gotta call shenanigans. It seems to only happen when my buddy and I are gunna break the 800CR mark too. We get 30+ shots a game (~20 really are high % shots), but can't for the life of us score, while some 300CR teams with brand spankin new players get 4 terribly garbage tier goals on 10 flub shots. Even going out of our way to glitch the other goalie will warp the puck into his glove.

We're currently sitting in Div 1, rank ~219 last I checked, and Lvl P2 30ish, and out of the 70 or so losses we've accumulated, more than half of those were from like >400CR teams. Our Ai goes full **** mode while theirs enter a secret god mode cheat. I almost want to go to OTP and constantly quit so my CR will reach 0

High level teams are a nice, even, and fun challenge to play against, but having to struggle and fight tooth and nail for a late game comeback to what should be "bad" players is frustrating... Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this happens to them?


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