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The hunt for chelios



  • I have 93 hedman too. Really good. With rs added he's very fast for a big man. He's paired with my evo burns who also has rs. My top pair.
  • How is the Messier? I’m sitting on a lot of coins and need a playmaking Center. Just waiting to get him at a slightly better price.
  • 96 Messier is awesome. Well worth it. So great defensively. Hasn't scored much for me. But he's a great passer. If you can afford him, I would get him
  • I’m holding out. I saw him for a little over 500000 coins a few days ago but now he’s up 800000+. If I can get him for less i think he will fit great between EVO Kucherov and legend Amonte
  • How much does chelios go for
  • How much does chelios go for

    I haven't looked in a couple days. But it seems the ultra legends run 600-850k now.

    He doesn't fit my syns right now but I think I still need to get him. Opening up a lot of packs tomorrow and later this week with cs packs
  • The deals were real last week.. if you didn't buy up a bunch of Evos don't know what you did
  • I have the EVOs I really want. I have had most of them when they were 88-90.
    I tried McDavid and Stamkos and didn’t like how I played with them so I sold them for high prices and picked up some of the others. Also sold EVOs Kane and Karlsson so I could get Chelios and Messier
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