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wish list

change the commentary. have true commentary(franchise mode) where every game is called differently. as your creating a story bybyour wins lose injuries. past meetings all that stuff they talk about in real life they talk about while calling the actually game. and not the same generic rant they do game in and out. and by the third season it doesnt even make sense. also more creative powers when it comes to logo design and goalie mask design. you should be able to design a logo or goalie mask from scratch. as well as added more jersey to your expansion team as the season go by. and more stats like points streaks hat tricks fight win and losses. and maybe have player interviews on intermissions instead of the basic ui or coaches corner after the first period. and bring the all star game back as an option to play as well as the winter classic. i know it sounds like alot but i side from the commentary its just a few tweeks.
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