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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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Spengler Cup tournament mode

Thank you EA for the fantastic Spengler Cup tournament mode. Much appreciated. Just some wishes you may want to consider in a future update:

- Can you please add the Calanda adverts to Dynamo Riga's jersey (legal issue I guess)?
- Can you please add the adequate ice adverts also to the 4 face-off circles
- Can you please change Mountfield's helmets from red to black?
- Can you please update the rosters according to latest changes?
- Can you please make rosters editable via transfer menu?
- Can you please make the teams playable in online and offline games too?

You community guys may have further wishes to make this great addon even more realistic and enjoyable. Just feel free to add them below.

Again, many thanks EA for this great game mode...and hopefully its future updates :-)


  • Edit / Correction:
    Mountfield's helmets should be changed from black to red
  • Out of all these, making the rosters for the Spengler Cup editable and usable (if that's a word) in other game modes would be amazing!
  • @EA: I am sorry, but I am a bit disappointed. You did a roster update on January 18th and it seems that you did still not manage to make the rosters accurate to the Spengler Cup ones :/:'(.
    Why you implement actually this great tournament mode when we cannot play with the accurate teams? Hope you can fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  • I kindly ask again if EA could update the Spengler Cup rosters correctly? There are still a few incorrect respectively missed players? I.e. Scherwey is missed in Swiss team, Salinen as a reinforcement in Davos team, Santala as reinforcement with HPK, Mountfield reinforced by Smolenak and Team Canada is inaccurate too. Would be great if EA could fix the rosters of this grear tournament. Or make teams editable, so we can correct rosters by ourselves.
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