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we should be able to make our own custom logos and upload them. Maybe add that feature because my team is the toaster snipers, and there is no good logo for a toaster. Please upload a toaster or something like that.


  • 6Wbrqj.png
    For you :heart:
  • Yeah they're pretty behind in how a sports game should be in 2018, with the types of consoles we have now. Should be able to upload music too by now. Look at MLB. Lightning fast menus, simulating, just tons of extras. There should be as many logos as their are created players' head options, as an example of many choices. But alas..this is what we get.
  • True, I fully agree, we should be able to upload our own logos. Furthermore, I like to be able to add some adverts to jerseys. However, I guess EA may not be allowed to enable this feature due to legal restrictions.
  • Wwe 2k series has had this feature for a few years now and it’s great. Nobody ever complains because it’s essentially free advertising, EA just needs to get with it, it’s truly the ONLY customization missing from EASHL
  • I never understood EAs idea of custom logos! Every year we get the same generic logos...I mean my High School was the Allderdice Dragons but yet there is NO Dragon logo! http://photos.mycapture.com/ERIE/1099589/32203385E.jpg
    Allderdice Goalie...sorry if the logo is hard to see
    When I was at Dice ('87-'91), they used the '81 North Stars uniforms. Then they went to the updated '92-'97 Hartford Whalers uniforms. Sadly they don't have ice Hockey anymore (Only City League team (8 Pittsburgh Public High Schools) to have ice Hockey

    Back in the Original 6 days, Pittsburgh used to have the AHL Pittsburgh Hornets (Detroit's farm team, used Detroit's uniform style and color scheme) but where is the Bee/Hornet type logo
    Where is the Quebec Nordique Husky logo (supposedly the Nordiques had a NEW logo ready to go but they ended up moving to Colorado before it was implemented). http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/1/33/full/288.gif

  • It is something EA NEEDS to move forward and "evolve" with full upload customization (logo, uniform, name, etc). They lack what many other platform/sports offer, and we are stuck to use an already existing team and PRETEND they are another... not cool.
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