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How many synergies does your team have?
Mine currently has 4 player and 2 team. Do you think they make a difference?


  • sctty98
    291 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    Some people say they matter, others say no. It's really if you feel they make a difference. if a player has a 92 shot, are you really going to notice if he is a 95? IDK, I can't tell a difference.
  • True. I guess the most noticeable difference would be skating speed.
  • I have 6 going.


    I always played with at least 4 so idk
  • I am a true believer in them. I've got 4 team syns now and a handful of player ones active. Some I think it's hard to see, but as plantnap said, speed is probably most obvious.
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