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EA's Sloppy Overall Player Ratings List

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As Of January 8th 2018

Justin Almeida Overall 49 - Moose Jaw Warriors (checked this guys points and he's 8th in overall stats)
Randen Schmidt Overall 60 - Saskatoon Blades (been to a few games and have never seen this guy play... looked him up and he's a WHL rookie and has 20 games played and only 4 points so why is he rated so high?)
Nolan Maier Overall 44 - Saskatoon Blades (not only is he on a 10 game winning streak as of the date posted above he's in the top 12 in WHL goalie stats and is a rookie and in 21 games played this season has 13 wins... he is also the Blades number 1 goalie I believe so why is he rated so low?)


  • I can go into a long rant about the massive incompetence of EAs rosters but will simply say without a roster share feature we will never have good, accurate, or timely rosters for an EA NHL game.
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