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Something Change with the Servers?



  • Khardross wrote: »
    Do you still have the same problem? I'm with Bell Fiber and my ping is higher since a month(25 instead of 9ms)! I asked to my friends if their ping increased too and everyone with Bell Fiber have the same issue.
    It work perfectly fine for my other friends with Videotron (the other isp in Québec)... So it's an issue with Bell... Bell and Telus is the same compagnie by the way.

    Not only with Bell, im with Videotron and i get the same problem, my ping increase from 10 to 20 for the last month and a half now, but like OP said, no difference in the gameplay. Im from Montreal by the way.

    5 friends of mine switched from bell to videotron last week because of this issue and their ping went back to 11-13ms...
    There's a huge difference in nhl between 10 to 20ms. With 25ms my guy move 1sec after my buttons input.

    There were no difference in the gameplay, was pretty much the same, but i dont know if its a coincidence but my ping is back to normal 10 ms the same day the patch being lauch. Take a look if you didn't play since then.
  • I played everyday since the patch because I try to find a way to reduce my ping... I still have 24-26ms in game.
  • hydroshubong
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    edited February 2018
    You can go on www.dslreports.com/ website if you want help from a high level technician.
    I did but the guy asked me to traceroute to the playstation but I have no idea how to do it because it's impossible to find the playstation server ip adress...I'm doing some research on Google =-p
  • Socair wrote: »
    I've noticed the same issues as the OP.

    Live in North Vancouver and a Telus customer.
    Averaged 13ms since games release. Now average 30ms for last couple weeks.

    yes.... Telus.

    check out the start of the thread. I spoke about likely scenario that is going on there.

    I believe it was a convo with @RSall14.
    Club mate of mine from mainland BC is with Shaw and dealt with this last month. It corrected after a week or so.
    It’s all very odd if many isp’s are involved. We’ve noticed a slight 2ms overall increase in ping to the west server since sometime in December I believe. Possible server change?

    oh sure, it's possible.

    but west coast peeps including someone in Cali said they were still getting same times to west server and @RSall14 changed providers and the times went down.

    I could be wrong, but I am still leaning towards traffic being routed back east a tad (i.e. towards Denver or Chicago) then back west - instead of using a Vancouver / Seattle western peering point for users of certain providers. it is not unheard of and has happened here in the past.... and if I recall it was just last year or 16 when a chap from a certain provider was on here and dug and dug and got a problem corrected B)

    Funny enough, that was also a Telus routing issue and caused terrible lag spikes constantly throughout the game. That was also the same year as Home Team Captain lag, you can only imagine how fun it was to play 1)dealing with the normal delay that is the Eastern servers in 6s 2)with terrible lag spikes from start to finish and 3)the added in element of home team captain lag. The best part is, if other people aren't experiencing anything similar, they assume you're just lying because you need to Git Gud.
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