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Here's your Ice Tilt Proof, EA Sympathizers!


This research isn't just hypothetical, it's already been shown to be in use in live games of the last decade.

Prepare the class action law suits re: EA Arena and these systems.


  • I'm sorry but did you even read the article? EA have been exploring ways to optimize online games' matchmaking algorithms toward having players spend as much money as possible on microtransactions. Basically, they want the players who tend to spend money on microtransactions to match up with others in ways that will keep said players spending time and money on the game. If a player is losing too many games, for instance, that can get frustrating to the player and he may switch away from that game and EA will miss out on that player spending more money on microtransactions.

    Matchmaking systems intended to maximize spending money have been tested in some of EA's games without players knowing about it. NHL fits the profile of the sort of games in which they tested these new matchmaking systems, but that can't be said conclusively based on the available information.

    At any rate, this is in no way proof of any momentum/ice tilt at all. This concerns matchmaking only, and even then we don't know if NHL has been affected thus far. However, it's not a huge stretch to imagine EA may be considering something like an ice tilt system to affect the gameplay to this same end of having players spend more money on the game.
  • Did YOU read the article and the attached research? It concerns not only their patent for matchmaking systems, but also describes a complementary system already in use for dynamic difficulty settings in live games to ensure "preferred" players don't become frustrated with the game because they are worse, and stop spending money on it.

    Two separate systems, both currently being utilized for an unspecified amount of time on an unspecified number of games.
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