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Evo Getzlaf

Currently 87 but he has 24 points in 19 games.

2 assists shy of 600 and only needs 20 more games for 900 played.

And i am sure he will make the totw.

70k is not tht bad. I know he ist not fast, but should be a good 4th line center


  • If he gets let’s say...totw and 2 milestones, he’ll be at 90 ovr so 87 acc, 88 agi and 87 speed. for his size, he needs at least 91,92 speed,acc and agility, to be competitive. That means he needs to be at 93,94 ovr. I personally think it’s not worth it even for 70k. You can get better evos for that price or even cheaper like nylander, drouin, rakell, oel... He’s good on faceoffs tho but that’s all.
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