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Button lag right after loading screen...

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Something I've noticed over the years is that right after the game loading screen when it shows pre-game skating with the NBC Sports music you can be locked out of any button input for up to like 5 seconds. I've seen there be no delay on occasion, but by rule I get at least a few seconds before I can do anything. This being the start button (to check latency) or strategy adjustments that I have to wait for sometimes.

Maybe it's something. Maybe it's nothing. But I do have a lot of weird skating in mud issues frequently, and watching other "top streamers" show that they don't seem to have the skating issues I do, nor do they have the button lock-out right at the beginning of the game like I do. I've seen them be able to press the start button immediately as the pre-game shows up when they want to quit on a bad connection.

Could this button lock-out indicate a problem on my end that I can't seem to find (which may be giving me lag fits) or is this just more the nature of the beast? I have noticed this quirk on every release of NHL on this current generation for both consoles.

Anybody else notice this at all?
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  • I've noticed it too. Because of fat man lag I always check the connection (network performance) before the game starts. Just like you said, for about 5 seconds I can't access to menu to check it and it feels like a lifetime at that point! But it's maybe 1 game out of 5 when it happens.
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