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EASHL milestones...

After a goal is scored when a player reaches a certain milestone it’ll show that player celebrating at his bench.

Why can’t EA include a caption stating what milestone (goal #500 etc) was achieved?

Why even acknowledge it then if not?


  • Its acknowledged in the commentary
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  • mhandymanb
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    B-Bunny wrote: »
    Its acknowledged in the commentary

    I don’t ever recall it specifically saying so and so score his so and so goal etc.

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  • B-Bunny wrote: »
    Its acknowledged in the commentary

    Who the hell listens to the commentary though? haha

    It should really have an in game pop up or something.

    If Im gonna watch some clown celebrate for 3 minutes and refuse to hit X to skip it, Id like to at least know what Im watching.
  • On last gen I believe it popped up at the bottom of the screen.
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