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Very skilled new club looking for some elite players (XBOX1)

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(Quick note if you don’t want to read entire post, we need elite level players, message my gamer tag TonyZamboni88, but if you don’t read entire post I can’t guarantee you much, so take the 5 minutes and read it.)

Right now we need a LW, defensive players, and a goalie.

We have a very active C & RW(I am the center and captain), 2 D-men (who aren’t on as often as we’d like), and a very good goalie (who also is rarely available due to work/school schedules).

All of the current members are of elite caliber, understand the game of hockey (most of us played competitively in real life). All of us are in the top 300 overall, some of us in the top 100 for our positions. I am currently in the top 50 overall for my position and in the top 5 the past few months. We are looking for similar talent & skill in our players. (Not saying you have to meet those rankings currently, but you must have the ability to keep up with that level of play)

Here’s what you MUST have to join our club.

1) Actual hockey playing experience (or an in depth knowledge of the game) and able to play both 6v6 and 3v3 game modes exceptionally well.

2) A very solid and reliable internet connection and XBOX1 console

3) A mic that is in absolutely amazing condition and doesn’t annoy us

4) Able to be online the hours (EST) from 9pm-anytime after that (sometimes we have been known to stay on until 5am the next day on weekends).

5) Online atleast 3 nights a week most weeks (hopefullly more than that but we understand everyone has lives)

6) At least first prestige in EASHL(unless you can prove you’re on a second account, or have extensive NHL17 experience and just purchased NHL18 recently, NHL16 experience doesn’t count)

7) Ability to communicate effectively in-game and be respectful of all teammates regardless of the score (That means knowing good English and not having too strong of a foreign accent, no offense just we need to be able to understand each other)

8) Not a rage quitter (not ever unless the entire team votes to leave a game due to lag or connectivity issues)

9) Willingness to modify any eligible skater equipment to team colors (Tape, laces, Blade holder, visor, etc)

10) Over the age of 15 (Because some of us talk about things kids under that age shouldn’t hear lol, most of us are between the ages of 18-35)

11) A great, witty, and/or hilarious player name. (Not really a requirement but preferred since we all have a sense of humor which brings us to the final requirement)

12) An outstanding sense of humor, yet ability to take the game seriously and not be a troll.

If you meet those requirements please message my gamer tag TonyZamboni88, don’t just send a join request to my club (hence why I’m not telling you the club name). Please do not send me a party or game invite, I will invite you if I feel the need to.

Once we establish communication I will invite you for a tryout (may be a three-tier tryout, usually with other members of the club). This tryout will either be private party or public drop-in, if public drop in we may give you more than one chance to prove yourself if we think you had a bad game simply due to less than ideal game conditions (i.e. bad teammates, lag, or some kind of unstoppable ice tilt EA is known to have some games).

Don’t feel too much pressure, just play the game the way you know how to play it. No hard feelings if we reject you from the club, we can still be friends and do drop-ins together at times, and I will always assess your skill improvements, and maybe offer you a new tryout at a later date, so don’t lose hope...

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you guys soon.

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  • Hey, I'm a right shooting playmaker lw currently in 2 or 3 different locations in the leaderboards (currently 60th overall in drop in left wing for this month) I play almost all drop in to challenge myself with players of different levels of skill but would like to surround myself with equal or higher skill
  • threes or 6's
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