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AI overpowered in EASHL

Get a clue EA and town down their aggression/skills. Guys quit out and get replaced with ai that are super aggressive and are not enjoyable or realistic to play against.


  • I’d rather play with/against the AI than the majority of scrubs that play this game.
  • AI is abysmal, you just can't win any battles in the corners or along the boards against them, besides that they are useless on defense, the odd time they find themselves in position on offense.
  • The AI is horribad... Stop!

    It doesn't know how to properly position itself. it routinely goes off its intended mark. It will ignore a puck standing two inches from it in front of the net. It still tries to skim the posts when going around behind the net.

    Take it from someone who's been playing against the AI since NHL Hockey ('92)... The AI is just bad.
  • While the AI is awful.. What he said is true. The majority of the people that play this game are so bad they are actually much worse than AI.

    If I play drop in solo, about 80% of the players in the game are horrible. The best part is when the team is exceptionally bad, give up a many easy goals early, 3 or 4 players quit. Sometimes I'll stay just so I can use the AI to embarrass the team that was on the way to a blow out.

    What's really pathetic is that this game has absolutely no way to deal with griefers. So trolls ruin game after game, night after night, without repercussion. Sometimes hard to distinguish difference between the garbage and the trolls. If you are smart you only play with friends who are at least decent and don't ever deal with this.
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