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Anybody else notice...

I might have just been tired but last night I noticed my team seemed a lot faster and better than they have been in terms of making plays, speed, shooting, etc.
Now I just noticed that there is an "Adjusted Overall" rating for your players in the HUTDB when you click on your players cards...It changes the overall rating for the synergies applied.
Could it be that they did some major update yesterday while the error code was happening and now our players are playing the way they really should be with their synergies? hmm


  • HUTDB is not run by EA. All that site did was update their interface, assuming what you’re talking about wasn’t on the site before. If there was a game update you would have downloaded a patch. The error code was a result of the PSN network being down yesterday.
  • Thanks man. Good info. Conspiracy theory disproved. :D
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