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Draft eligible players with AHL potential...

Many players on NHL 18 have the potential of an AHL player. I'm curious if anyone has had any success with any one specifically with this "limited potential" from the 2018 draft. I guess you could say these guys with be the hidden gems if you can develop them and turn them into stars.

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  • I am not sure if this will help but ill respond anyway. If you have ever seen back to the future 2 you will remember the Sports Almanac where Biff Tannen made his fortune. When you go to an entry draft, save your season the day before the draft. Simulate each round one at a time and before the draft finishes, go and look at each player. you can find players in each round with Elite level potential. Exit the draft and load previous session (check the date and make sure your not loading the same game) That is why I always save it one day before the draft. I load June 21st and draft the best players.

    you can either trade these players for anyone you want or build your team this way. Only issue is if you draft all elite level players, you might run into cap trouble in 3 to 4 years when they are all due for a raise.
  • thanks. i've done quite a bit of scouting, but not like that. i've been looking at their profiles in their CHL teams and European teams complete with all the attributes and vital information.
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