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What determines which corner you fight out of? Seems like im always fighting out of the right corner an I have a hell of a harder time fighting from the right than I do from the left for some reason maybe because Im a southpaw ?

Kinda like in NHL some people have problems playing down they have an option for views "Always Up" It would be nice to see an option like that in UFC "Always Left\Right"

Does anyone else have problems fighting out of a certain corner or is it just me?


  • I get it. I'm more comfortable fighting out of the red corner more than I am out of the blue. I'm not sure what it is. It was more of a problem for me in UFC 2 though. Just practice.
  • LeafsNation84
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    In UFC 2 I used to just go for a takedown as soon as the round started then from the top just get up and id usually get up on the left side an finnish the round in UFC 3 I always seem to get up on the right too
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