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EVO challenge ,score breakaway goal

So if you don't want to give out collectables why even have the challenges ****!
How on earth do you get a breakaway on a team that plays trap defense and camps on their blue line?
I honestly feel like EA is purposely ruining this game so they don't have to waste time on NHL anymore and put that $ into a game that makes them more profit.
Otherwise how can you explain that they sabotage their own game ?


  • I was scrolling through the challenges last night and I thought to myself “Guess I’m not getting that collectible!” Haha
  • Is there a strategy to a breakaway that I am missing?
    Their defense never lets me cherry pick.
    I tryed once or twice then couple more just locking in goalie and watching because I was off work today ,ty for the waste of time EA !
  • Go on the pk and try to steal the puck from the dmen at the blue line
  • verrette99 wrote: »
    Go on the pk and try to steal the puck from the dmen at the blue line

    While you are at it, when you have the puck, skate to the net and score on a breakaway...
  • Get a lead and wait till the end when they are pressing hard. Play as the center and play near the blue line. Eventually your ai will get the puck and you will already be in position for a breakaway. I've had pretty good success with this.
  • Ty , both seem difficult and kind of by chance but if I want the stupid collectable guess I should try.
    Why do these not have objectives you would actually be asked by a coach in a real hockey game to achieve !
    Sorry to blow your mind with logic EA .
    Ty for advise will try and hope lol.
  • I had trouble with this last night and then got it the first try this afternoon. Try position locking LW and go shorthanded and as soon as the Panthers turn it over, streak up the middle and call for the pass. It may also help if you turn down offensive aggression in your strategies so that you are the only one leaving the zone early.
  • Two letters, OT.
  • Ty all ,gave up , never got it .
    Hope it helps in future,I have quite a few challenges left with breakaway goal as objective.
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