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Please fix 0:00 stuck EASHL drop-in lobbies

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Sometimes (daily) I see lobbies in EASHL which are stuck at 0:00 clock. These always end up in error either when both teams ready or when game attempts to start, as far as I have experienced.

Today, I for the first time encountered a broken indefinitely alive lobby which also does not allow ANYONE to ready up the teams. "Ready" button remains "waiting" indefinitely, even when all slots are filled.

These are a serious issue because they remain alive a long time because people jump in and out, making it nearly impossible for captains to ready the game, even when the readying works.

What could you do in earlier NHL games to get rid of these lobbies?
- Talk to mic and tell people its broken
- Ready the game asap

And of course you (EA) shot yourself in your foot and broke both of those. Just like you broke NHL-series with this new pile of ****, thanks.


  • Stratoitis
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    It is usually filled with about 70% of players that do not know any better, no matter how many times it has happened.. 25% are trolls that will stay there on purpose to waste the majority of everyone elses time for not knowing any better. (I have once stayed in one and fell asleep over night and the trolls were there 6 hours later..) then 5% are those that just have left their game running. This has been the same for years, its the matchmaking system and server connectivity.

    I just searched for a game after posting this.
    Lobby timer with 0:00. I searched 4 times and got the same lobby each time lol.
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