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So Ive noticed ALOT of threads being closed lately when people complain about the state of the game usually the excuse is that the conversation has gone off topic from the threads title but they dont mind if the conversation is continued in a new thread until it gets closed too so I think I covered the title issue if anyone wants to come here to share their opinions just keep it relevant to the title


  • Bravo Sir, well played
  • Laggy game is laggy.

    A.I has no intelligence, so I recommend a name change from Artificial Intelligence to just Artificial.

    Gameplay rewards players who hog the puck behind the net and play keep away. If you can master glitch goals you will win more often than not.

    Puck physics are broken. EA ignores all feedback.

    What else....
  • Oh I thought of another one:

    There’s a shot glitch where if you recieve a pass and shoot shortly after ur player freezes... lmfao how EA??

    This game relies on the ability to shoot a **** puck. If your guy ceazes up and refuses to shoot, in what world is this E-Sport ready????

  • Another one: when quieng for a eashl game, opponents jersey logo swaps with your own logo.

    Wot?? How does that happen and why hasn’t it been fixed in 6 months?

    Also I love how they add so many customize player options but you don’t even see ur guy without a helmet to show off his hair.

    “WOW! I unlocked this cool afro looking haorcut! I better cover it up with a helmet and not be able to express my player in any way shape or form!”
  • EA_Lanna
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    @LeafsNation84 discussions have a topic they are centred around, sometimes two when they are connected and relevant. What you've done here in an attempt to be a smart alec is mash everything under one banner. There is ZERO point to this thread in terms of what it contributes to the community. This is a not-so-thinly veiled intentional attempt at disrupting the forums and baiting the moderation team so is asking for sanctions. I'm happy to oblige on the latter. Closing the thread, you'll get a pm from me soon!
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