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Hockey Hits Sim League

If you have interest and wanna armchair GM a team and be able to do what you want with your team then give this a try. its a keepers league so every season you will have to make a protected players list and after each season there is 2 drafts the Keepers draft and also the entry draft and Free Agency is a Free Agent Auction so you out bid other GMs to get better players for your roster and we are looking to build a great community. so come on over and join all teams avaiable but 2 Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs are taken.


Be one of the first to get on the site and join the fun. as this is just starting up

Using NHL 18 For simming until NHL 19 and so forth


  • starting to get some members so come and join up and claim a team vegas and tampa were just taken
  • also added to the league will be creating your own player
  • i would love to join on some of this action. Are there any teams still available? what season are you in etc? I attempted to join the proboard but it didn't work. I am going to assume the rules and in depth answers are just waiting for me there... lol
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