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These don't seem right?

I've been keeping an eye on odd stuff happening in the game, and this is today's haul.

First is a strange goal, I catch puck rather nicely, my player even tosses in his glove after the whistle, but no this was a goal? Why, did the glove actually go over the goal line at some point? Unfortunately not possible to review it properly in replay as this was in EASHL. Needless to say I was a little angry.

The above is in BAP, and it's strange how I get a stick-infraction (tripping) penalty even though I clearly check the player. I mean, it could be the text pops up delayed after my stick goes through the other players body... but it comes up really late in that case?

The final one is from BAP also, here I try to slow down the opponent as my dman rushes to get the puck. Almost like shoulder to shoulder hit, but it's still cross-checking penalty even though my stick doesn't even touch the other player. I guess the animation was just triggered and it doesn't really matter which way you two are?


  • kitchener_boy
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    The last one is a stick across the body but with bad animation I guess and also interference!
  • well, sure it was interference, but I only wanted to jostle him a bit. ;)
  • I swear I've had a couple of these happen to me too. Also gotta love the boarding penalties when they're clean hits to the side of the shoulder.
  • This years game doesn’t understand

    Boarding - to many hits to the side called a hit from behind.
    Charging - been called for this a lot when hitting someone from an almost stand still.
    Tripping - get called a lot when no contact or trip can be seen.....only in the replay lol
    Goalie interference - guys can just run your goalie at will trying for a cheese goal
    Icing - many calls despite having a 2-3 stride lead for the puck
    AI teammates have no understanding of offsides.
  • when the AI is losing everything is a penalty
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