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Buy now boots to main screen

Anyone ever had this happen? My kid can’t buy anything, but can bid if he hits buy now it errors out and boots to the main screen. My acct is fine. If he offers a trade then hits buy now it works so no big deal but a pain and no chance of getting a card quicker then the next person. Googled it and seems like it’s hit and miss trying to have customer support fix it so thought I would check if anyone has a fix.


  • monz
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    You have to contact ea support its the only way, tell them your experiencing the "stuck pucks" issue. It only takes a second to fix, they just record your puck balance, erase your pucks then re-add them. Like you mentioned it does depend on the agent cause some of them are thick. It took me three different agents the first time, but now that i've had a case file opened they seem to have no prob rinse and repeating, this has happened to me 3 times so far, so it seems to be an ongoing issue. Hope this helps.
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  • I have this same problem early. Can help only - https://help.ea.com/en/ of your region. This happen because one of your early deal freeze on EA servers. Only call to ea help resolve this problem for me and other guys
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