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Witch is better for NHL games?. Are they the same? witch one has less issues with trolls?.


  • I've had both . Like Xbox better no real reason , just my preference
  • kitchener_boy
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    Cool..I think I like the control pad better on Xbox. I had,actually still do have a original Xbox but never did do the suscription.
  • it comes down to personal preference. Sony fans will says PS4 and Microsoft fans will say Xbox but thats what they enjoy and they aren't you. I have both and like them both for different reasons. The PS4 right now has some better exclusives and had better looking games on the original console ( the new consoles are closer in terms of graphics) I like my Xbox for online gaming because Xbox Live is easy to use and has less issues. So try both if you can and go with whatever you prefer.
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  • Easy to use and less issues is good.
  • Windows sucks so on that basis I'd probably go with ps4 but me personally I pick neither.
  • Witch is better for NHL games?. Are they the same? witch one has less issues with trolls?.

    I'd say pick the console who's controller feels the best for you. I don't like the ps4 controller(or any iteration) for NHL, as the location of the ls is too far into the center of the controller to be ergonomic to me. Feels unnatural for my thumb to have to contort just to reach it. The xbox controller has the ls where the thumb rests naturally so feels better for me.

    For fighting games, ps controller dpad is comfortably located so i prefer it for games in which the dpad is the best choice for control.

    Community wise....both are roughly similar in size. With psn being free up until ps4, I'd imagine a greater number of youngins on it, which may or may not translate to a more immature community? But that's just conjecture.


    Go with which ever one you prefer, or if you play with friends, which ever one they use if playing with them is a priority.
  • Players are better on xbox, at least they used to be
  • kitchener_boy
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    edited February 2018
    Now would you say one is more reliable than the other with logg in online or renewing your suscription?. Reason why I ask is cause I've read about long outages recently (This morning actually). Been going on for days,weeks but I guess not everybody.
    I guess PSN has an edge cause I get NHL with it I guess. As long as EA doesnt sell or abandon the series. And thanks a bunches wth everyones suggestions and help. I look forward to hopefully rejoining you who left PS3!. or joining Xbox one or the other lol.
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