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What happened?/Get Coin Rich Quick

So I took a 1.5/2 month break from NHL to play some other games, and I come back to a whole new world when it comes to HUT. A world where base Ovechkin goes for 8k instead of over 100k. How the heck did this happen?

Also, what are all of your methods for getting a lot of coins fast through the market? What I usually do is turn gold collectibles for about a 1k profit at a time, or analyze a specific player and do the same. Anyone else have ideas or strategies they'd like to share? I used to make a killing back when change team cards were a thing, but haven't really found that niche since synergy style took over. Thanks!

Stitz37 (HUT: Puck My Deke)


  • EA floods hut with a ton of new cards for every milestone/good game a player has. Like if there was a 90ovr ovechkin racing a 94ovr ovi, of course they'd go with the faster player.
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