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Anyone ever experience going into a club game and everything is just black? You can see some lighting effects on the ice but everything is black...just got a loss cuz I quit out of it cuz I couldn’t see even tho the puck didn’t even drop yet


  • AEM021591
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    And happened again.

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  • Quit out, go to go into another game and it’s black screened again.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Played over 100 games and this never happened and now 3 of the last 5 had this issue
  • did you try restarting your game or xbox? otherwise try changing your view in settings
  • Tried restarting the game and it didn’t help, I don’t understand why this is happening
  • And it isn’t every game, it’s every few games this happens and it just started doing this yesterday
  • I should also mention that this has been happening in club and it happens to me and my teammates. Forgot to say that before, so it isn’t just me or my system or my settings
  • AEM021591
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    edited February 2018
    This is what is coming up for us

  • It's on the perfect darkness setting. Ten out of ten.

    In reality though I think I remember hearing about this in 12 or 13 but it's been a while since then so I could be wrong.
  • looks like the arena lights are out. Im not being a jerk that's literally what it looks like as you can still see the silhouettes
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