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HUT Champions rules

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  • if it is special server for this weekend league ( hide your IP adrress is cool season ) no hide IP again cheating people for Ddos and claim better rewards ...
  • Ya they need a new server for this cause its two one sided
  • So it’s an elite CS basically?
  • Ya looks like it...
  • Glad I just won a D1 title
  • You need to have a Div 1 Title? ****! the highest I have ever made it was 1 loss away from making it into Div 1 and that was a few years ago! I can't even break Div 8 ATM because my Game is so broken.

    ....Also I was expecting to see a Olympic CS, Set and Challenge today! EA screws us again!
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  • ya I have always been a top thousand player but with the weird delay I am like 3000
  • Hut Champion season 1
    Has anybody else had this problem? You are winning the game but just before the game ends your oppenet disconnects. Because of that you dont' get coins, seasons points and the palyed match doesn't even show up in your recently played games.

    I think the EA had some kind of official rules for this tournament and if i remember correctly there was something mentioned about cheating or disconnecting from the game.

    I think it is very interesting to see how this disconnected game and the missing seasons points will be taken into account in the end of this season? Do I get some kind of compensations, we shall see.

    It would be also nice if EA could inform after the season audit that what kind of cheats etc. was detected and which players had encountered cheats etc.
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