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How many of you have gone back to older NHL games?.



  • How many of you went back to 16? Interested in that one if I get a new gen.
    How many of you went back to 17?Interested in that one also.
    How many of you went back to old gen?
    I assume NHL 15 is still popular now days?.
    I assume Hut is only active on new ones right?.
    If you come back to 14,it still has a good number of players. Very rare to struggle to get games in,even at 1 am.

    NHL 11 is still the goat. Played it offline the other day and it was so fun. However, I did find a slider set by someone on OS that has made 18 offline significantly more fun. Online is still a frustrating experience, but EASHL 3s is 10000x better than 6s imo.
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