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NHL 19 Roster Update - April 17th

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EASHL 3v3 Tourney

EASHL 3v3 Club Tournament

Looking for 8-16 clubs(starting small) to run a test tournament. If all goes well we will gradually expand up to maybe 64 teams. Hoping to run the big one around the big dance time.

Set up:

Each round will consist of a series, increasing in duration as the tourney gets deeper.
Round 1: Best 2 of 3
Round 2: Best 2 of 3
Round 3(or finals if only 8 clubs): Best 3 of 5
3rd place Series: Best 3 of 5
Championship Series: Best of 7

I know it’s goofy, but we have to have some.
Puck ragging(IE scoring a goal to gain the lead, then immediately hiding behind the net and refusing the play) will result in an immediate DQ. The trailing team will be allowed to quit out, and be awarded the win in the series. Evidence MUST be provided in the official thread before the game will be counted as a series win. If the trailing team fails to provide evidence within 24 hours of exiting the game, their quit out will count as a loss and the series will continue. This is to combat clubs randomly accusing teams of ragging simply to advance.

That’s really it. Open to suggestions for rules, but other than that, post your club name if you’re interested and we’ll get going.

I want this to be fun, and for bragging rights. Not win at all costs.
"Tell me all about it Ted, every detail, dot every comma"- Tug Benson


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